Coal Mining and Trading

Brief Info : Review MINING OF COAL.
KP Owner by Mr Taufik, Location: Sawahlanto, West Sumatra.
LOCATION AREA REVIEW US. ( GCV 6000 to 6600 kcal/kg. )

Location can be in review area of the City of Rice traveled to the location Town Sawahlunto Stock Pile / office with time 1 hour, and from the coal stock pile / office to the front can mine through the mine by the time 30 minutes. Geographically, the location of the mine located on the front coordinates: S 00 º 35 '41.8 "and E 100 º 47' 37.5", and coal stockpile location is at coordinates S 00 º 36 '27.5 "and E 100 º 46' 10.6". 

This review regional location is the location of the current mine peeling over Burden and active coal mining.  STATE OF ENVIRONMENT, conditions at the site Mining is the location of mines, a coal mining area, Surrounded by current mining process.  GEOLOGY [ REGIONAL MORFOLOGI REVIEW ] Form of appearance of the landscape or regional slope review unit included a steep hill, with slope ranges from 28 º - 36 º (Van Zuidam, 1983), with a height of 400 to 455 m dapl. Consists of Flakes and Filet, inserts slate, quartzite, silt stone, Flint, lava flows.  STRATIGRAPHY : This review area is regionally included in the formation QUARTZ PORPHIRY (QP), which consists of quartz Porfirio with fenokris quartz and feldspar. These formations included in the units of volcanic rocks and intrusions. This review delimit location by 5 formations, namely: MAP GEOLOGY.

In general morphology observation locations can be classified in terms of morphology, steep hills. Arrangement of rocks in relatively uniform review sites, rock formations litologi constituent dominated by clay stone, sandstone, and coal Napal. In reviewing the location found some Seam coal, with an average slope of 15 º in the direction of the slope.

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